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January 3,475,411 1,868,149
February 1,548,073 1,977,866
March 3,496,933 2,605,736
April 3,452,783 2,412,502
May 3,615,781 2,420,943
June 3,632,168 2,068,623
July 3,434,230 2,124,081
August 2,769,569 2,123,785
September 3,657,706 2,546,212
October 4,020,756 2,529,167
November 3,147,067 2,555,570
December 3,273,054 2,561,854
? ? ?
Total ?39,523,531 27,794,488
New CAM Website launches on 25 September
??????? CAM - Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. has finished the construction of new corporate website which will be put into use on 25th September.

??????? The new website contains many new features designed with a fresh innovative appearance and user-friendly functions.? The content is also well-defined to meet different visitor requirements and enable them to easily access the first-hand information through the platform.

??????? Welcome to visit our new CAM Corporate Website: www.camacau.com.
“My Summer, My Story” Blog Competition

??????? Nice weather and sunny beach, summer is a good season to travel. It does not matter you decide to join tour or organize the trip yourself. You may be a backpacker or a driving traveler. You may go with the entire family or just with a few good friends. You may also travel with your lover or by yourself. Whether you are looking for natural scenery, shopping, gourmet food, adventures or sightseeing, traveling always brings you fun and joy.

??????? This summer, the Macau International Airport Website (www.macau-airport.com) has been redesigned and updated. The new website, operated by the Airport Information Management Solutions Limited (AIMS), will be launched on September 25th.? AIMS will also hold a blog competition “My Summer, My Story” to encourage visitors to write down their travel experience and feeling, and to share their stories and memories of the trip.

??????? The blog content should mainly be about your travel experience. A picture capturing an exciting moment and a vivid description of an interesting story together will make up your unique blog. Whether it is experience sharing, expressing feeling or finding resonance, you can show them all in your blog.

??????? From September 25th, participants may complete the online registration through http://www.bio-digit-group.com/mia_blog and upload their blogs until October 16th. The first 300 participants will receive a souvenir prize. On October 19th, all blog stories will be posted on the airport website for public to read. Readers may support their favorite stories by clicking "Like".

??????? The Evaluation Committee consists of professionals from AIMS and the sponsor of this activity, the Macau International Airport Co. Ltd (CAM). The Committee will evaluate the work based on creativity, attractiveness and the number of "Likes". Additional points will be given to the blogs whose content is related to Macau International Airport or the operated airlines from/ to Macau.

??????? The Committee will select 10 winners at the end. Each winner will receive a cash prize and enter a lucky draw.

??????? The winner will be notified personally and an award ceremony will be held later. Details can be found on the website http://www.bio-digit-group.com or at the phone number 85988728.


?????Typhoon gave us, as the MIA operators, a true challenge in the area of providing customer services to the airport users as well as releasing accurate flights updates to the media.

?????Under adverse weather conditions, not all airliners provide compensation to passengers such as hotel accommodation, waving of charges of re-routing. Therefore dissatisfaction from their clients may occur. When confronting “face-to-face” verbal complaints, we play a role as the most attentive audience and react promptly to meet the needs of the affected passengers in order to minimize their inconvenience and suffering.

?????Management of MIA ensured the operation of the convenient store and other retailers to extend their business hours. Information counters were staffed without any intervals. Extra patrols were provided by Terminal Management colleagues, the cleaning services provider’s workers and the airport maintenance team to ensure the safety and the well being of the affected passengers. Air-conditioning was adjusted to the acceptable temperature after receiving demands on blankets and passengers stranded on air-side claiming the need to retrieve their checked baggage for extra clothing.

?????During the involuntary overnight stay, some passengers found ways to entertain themselves like experiencing the force of the nature and taking pictures at the curbside, whereas others did constant check with the front line staffs regarding current situation and hoping their flights would resume in the very near future.

?????I personally feel that the real challenge always come on the next day, since airliners have limited supply of seats with demand as twice as many they can afford. The real challenge is meeting with exhausted passenger with low tolerance of acceptance of any deals.Fortunately, skills are acquired through out the years in this industry which allows me to be confident in dealing with the cases.

?????Source from: ADA Administration of Airports Ltd

New Bus Sign at Arrival Curbside of Macau International Airport

????Macau International Airport always cares for the passengers’ needs; from time to time we enhance our facilities and services meeting the changing environment and with small touches we aim at improving the passenger’s experience.

????In September, the Airport replaced the two bus signage at arrival curbside.? The new signs have been enlarged with the purpose to accommodate the increasing number of public bus routes stop at Macau Airport such as AP1, MT1, MT2, 36, 26 and N2.? For the convenience of passengers, photos of some famous tourist spots with the nearby bus station numbers are displayed on the new sign, now passengers can take a bus trip more easily from the airport.


????Source from: ADA Administration of Airports Ltd.

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January 18,355,380 15,792,995 10,683,308 2,778,992 5,105,511
February 13,948,428 11,076,868 6,902,178 2,743,384 2,887,606
March 21,604,572 16,065,280 11,998,597 4,301,584 5,337,283
April 19,780,851 14,896,110 11,409,895 4,243,510 5,619,396
May 17,373,074 14,207,202 11,043,737 3,741,725 4,887,246
June 16,404,157 14,818,139 8,182,437 3,890,837 4,063,470
July 17,500,656 14,939,215 7,647,379 4,623,480 3,439,964
August 17,897,778 15,442,029 8,170,936 4,137,448 3,475,045
September 20,609,571 15,421,698 7,153,255 5,311,151 3,952,799
October 19,741,077 16,006,372 6,726,714 5,422,539 5,172,584
November 19,507,676 17,960,758 6,391,368 5,668,413 4,367,450
December 17,849,534 14,308,618 4,457,614 5,601,056 3,857,357
? ? ? ? ? ?
Total 220,572,754 180,935,284 100,767,418 52,464,119 52,165,711
A masked member of the Al Shabaab militia, pictured in a photograph dated December 14, 2008.

(CNN)?-- Al Shabaab, which has connections to al Qaeda, is a militant Islamist group that controls much of southern Somalia and is active around the capital, Somalia. It has waged an insurgency against the weak Transitional Federal Government since 2007.
How it started
Somalia has been without any functioning government since 1991 -- perfect territory for different militia and factions to fight over the bones of the old state. Al Shabaab (which means "the youth" in Somali) emerged in about 2004. Its gunmen were involved in a series of assassinations of Somalis who had connections to the West.
Al Shabaab began prospering when the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) seized the capital Mogadishu and much of central Somalia in 2006.
After defeating a coalition of warlords backed by the United States, the ICU brought Shariah-style justice to the capital, temporarily halting the anarchy in the city. Many people in the capital welcomed the greater security that the ICU brought, thanks in part to the effective fighting skills of several hundred Al Shabaab fighters.