University of Macau

The University of Macau is conveniently located on the Island of Taipa, near the New Century Hotel and the Regency Hotel. It can be easily reached from two of the main accesses - just takes a 10-minute drive from Macau Ferry Terminal and a 5-minute drive from Macau International Airport.

The main campus offers a wide range of facilities for convention or other cultural activities. Conventional facilities are available in 3 locations on campus, they are:
Cultural Centre contains a Theatre with 760 seats and

an Exhibition Hall:

- The multipurpose amphitheatre is equipped with computer-controlled lighting and sophisticated sound equipment. As such, it is well suited for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities.

- The multipurpose exhibition hall occupies an area of 413m2. It could be optionally equipped with exhibition boards, student desks & chairs, and audio system. It is suitable for exhibitions, conferences, seminars and examinations for up to 230 candidates.

Ho Yin Convention Centre comprises of 4 rooms:
- HG05 & HG06 can seat 192 candidates.
- HG03 & HG04 can seat 94 candidates.
- All seats are tiered and suitable for session meetings, as well as tutorials.

International Library contains STDM Auditorium, Multifunction Room and Auditorium 2:
- STDM Auditorium is equipped with 145 tiered seats. It has centrally-controlled audio-visual & simultaneous interpretation system,

and LCD projector. It is suitable for conferences or seminars.

- Multifunction Room occupies an area of 200m2. It is equipped with centrally-controlled audio-visual & simultaneous interpretation system. It is suitable for exhibition, and other cultural activities.
- The Auditorium 2 contains 85 tiered seats and equipped with centrally-controlled audio, visual, simultaneous interpretation system and LCD projector. It is suitable for seminars.